Green Farwest Project


Raaika Tours, has been actively involved in its CSR project : ” Green Farwest ” with the slogan ” People’s participation in Environment and Tourism” This campaign was introduced in 2010, where plantation campaigns were carried out in the far-west region of Nepal.

We strongly believe that this campaign has and will be effective in conserving the environment- a growing need in today’s world and also will help in generating source of income for local people which in turn helps in promoting tourism. The greenery campaign is also expected to support the livelihood of the locals as they make money by selling fruits and herbs.

This campaign is being actively carried out till date and will continue to do so. Every year the company aims to plant saplings in the Far- Western Region of Nepal. The region is rich for its breathtaking beauty and we hope to promote tourism sector in this area which is of a vital importance for the overall balanced development of the country. The mission of the campaign is to generate awareness among the local people about the importance of conservation of environment and wildlife and the economic value it provides. We encourage our valued guests to participate in this campaign for contributing to the Green World.